The first meal I ever cooked was unremarkable at best, but it brought my husband and I to the table and we left filled with more than nourishment. I felt, for the first time, the power of food as a source of connection. I started reading cookbooks, saving recipes, turning to my mother for family heirlooms, and slowly found my way. Today we share the table with four little ones, who taught me that feeding people is a source of joy and that the table is an anchor in our daily lives. It’s the place we have lively conversations, make childhood memories, scribble out of the lines, spill glitter into its cracks, and get to know each other. 

 I believe good food to be simple, whole, fresh, and vibrant. Lots of herbs. Bright, seasonal produce. Uncomplicated, and appreciated in its natural splendor. Sometimes all it takes is a good roast to poke the flavors out to enjoy something a little extraordinary. Essentially, food is a gift from G-d to take pleasure and sustenance from. The sweet juice dripping from a ripe peach, a well composed salad, even the flaky salt topping in a bite of chocolate, or a bite into something utterly decadent, it’s all here to be enjoyed, in good measure, together.

I started this blog as a way to collect the recipes I was making, with some thoughts and stories behind them. You will notice my Sephardic roots peeking through assertively in some of the flavors. You will also find more involved recipes, these are the Shabbat and Holiday meals that grace our table. They connect us as a family to something larger, they forge the association of home and belonging, of connection and spirituality. Thankfully we have many such occasions throughout the year.

My hope is that, in this space, you find a recipe, or inspiration, to cook something and gather around a full table, sharing in the blessings of good food with the people you love. 

A little more about me: I was born in Israel, grew up in Montreal, and after a short stint in New York got married and set up a home in Los Angeles. It’s the place I became a wife and mother, and where I learned about farmer’s markets, food as a source of wellness, and sustainability, because where else? In 2016, we moved to Jerusalem, an adventurous dream we’re still living. Somewhere along the way I fell into photography, deeply. It’s the way I process the beauty in this world. The bright red color of a strawberry, the ridges in a beet, the ethereal, paper-thin layers of a garlic, my baby in a careless slumber, my daughter’s sweet cherry-stained smile. All of these are the beautifully mundane everyday moments I fiercely want to hold onto. You can view my portfolio here.  

Thanks for being here. Your company means the world.


Sina Mizrahi