Asian Coleslaw Salad

 I can’t believe it has taken me so long to tell you about this salad. It has practically become a family staple. It’s interesting how it even came about. The way many recipes wiggle themselves into your life, I suppose. My father-in-law was at an event and took a taste from the salad bar. He loved one in particular and tried recreating it at home. We, his eager taste testers, which include kids and grandkids, took a bite and couldn’t stop. This salad made its appearance every single Shabbat lunch for months.

Soon enough, I started making it in my own kitchen, with my own adaptations. And every time we loved it even more.

This salad reminds me of a classic coleslaw, though the substitutions make all the difference. The brown sugar adds depth and the soy sauce gives it a gentle kick that’s at once welcomed and unexpected. The mayonnaise, of course, does it’s job expertly and makes everything nice and creamy. Oh, and the almonds. Those cannot be forgotten, not even unintentionally. Roasting them brings out their nuttiness and crunch, and topping them over this salad makes it perfect, which in turn warrants its amazingness.

Asian Coleslaw Salad

1 large bag of shredded cabbage

1 medium kohlrabi, peeled and grated

1 bunch of green onions, white part only, finely chopped


4 tablespoons mayonnaise

3 tablespoons soy sauce

3 tablespoons white rice vinegar

1/4 cup brown sugar

pinch of salt and pepper

slivered almonds, roasted, for garnish

In a large bowl, combine the dressing ingredients and whisk well. Add the cabbage, kohlrabi, and green onions and toss to coat. Garnish with a handful of slivered almonds and serve as soon as possible. The longer the cabbage sits in the dressing, the soggier it gets.

I’ve also topped it with toasted sesame seeds, which I highly recommend. Black ones, make it extra pretty.