Click + Share - A Smartphone Photography Guide

Click + Share - A Smartphone Photography Guide

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You’re likely reading this on your smartphone. That smartphone is fitted with a powerful camera that can take breathtaking photos. You just need to learn a few principles to know how to work it to your vision. That’s why I wrote you this ebook. I have thousands of dollars of professional cameras and lenses yet I reach for my phone often because it’s powerful, convenient, and portable. You should, too.

In this 80+ page e-book you will learn:

  • The camera’s capabilities and limitations

  • Different types of light

  • Editing techniques

  • Compositions

  • Shooting angles

  • Bonus section on Instagram

  • If you purchase during specific periods, you’ll get a bonus e-book with interviews from 7 Instagram influencers. It will be offered periodically, so get on it quick!

learn. click. share.

Q. What level do I have to be on to benefit from the ebook?

Beginners and Intermediates will most benefit from the information outlined in the ebook but I also see advanced phone photographers gaining insightful tips and tricks. In other words, it’s for everyone but the more beginners will see a greater dramatic impact on their photos.

Q. Do I need the latest iPhone or Galaxy to get beautiful photos?

Absolutely not. The latest phones do have a better lens and produce amazing photos but hey, I have an iphone 6S (archaic by modern standards) and I got all the images you see.

Q. Does this focus on food photography?

Though it does have many photos of food, the principles apply to all types of photography. There are a few landscape, lifestyle, and street photos in there.

Q. Do you accept returns?

You can definitely email me with all your questions prior to purchasing but due to the digital format of this product, there will be no returns or refunds. Also, please don’t share the e-book, the material is intended for educational purposes and is nontransferable. It is copyrighted and may not be altered, duplicated, or redistributed. Thanks so much for understanding!